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Guide | Servers (WIP)
  1. CurseCraft

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    CurseCraft Network: Servers
    • All Old (Pre-existing) and New player ranks will be Global throughout the CurseCraft servers. Ranks will be considered Subscriptions with initial renewals required for all old ranks purchased before 2017. All Renewals will either be either half-yearly or annually at a small fraction of the cost. (~5% or below)
    • 'CurseLord' ranks will be changed to 'Cursed.'
    • CurseCraft: 1.0 has been added to appeal to the old community that wants the old style of CurseCraft to return. (OG CurseCraft)
    • Global Store Sales, Redeem Codes, Regular Giveaways, Special Event Giveaways, Milestone Giveaways, and much more Benefits will be given out to the Community of CurseCraft.
    1. CurseCraft: Legacy 1.0 (OG)
    CurseCraft: 1.0 will be very similar to the old traditional version of CurseCraft. While additional servers are being developed, this server has the potential to stay apart of the CurseCraft Network, similar to the old 'Borderlandpvp.' Main details:

    • Version compatibility from 1.7 - 1.15.2+
    • Traditional Builds and Maps
    • Traditional Soup PvP, Factions, McMMO, Raiding, Ranks, Heads, etc.
    • Old ranks given back with same perks, Cursedlord rank removed. (Initial Global Renewal & Subscriptions)
    • Stable server hosting that may lag at times for nostalgic purposes
    • Traditionally more OP, more P2W and no limit to faction size
    • Border Size TBD

    2. CurseCraft: Evolution 2.0 (New)
    CurseCraft: 2.0 is the beginning of a new and exciting version of CurseCraft. New ideas that have never been introduced will be implemented into this server. Main details:

    • Version compatibility from 1.7 - 1.15.2+
    • New Builds and Custom Maps
    • New Factions, Soup/Pot Style PvP, McMMO, Raiding, FTOP and More
    • New CCMMO Abilities, Combos and Magic Skill
    • New Limited Special Rank “Cursed” Unlocking New CCMMO Skill Tier
    • New Custom Server Events called “Relics” with a Twist, unlike any KOTH
    • New Rank Perks including unlocking access to New Areas
    • New Crate Keys, Bosses, Gambling PvP Matches and FTOP Payouts
    • Dedicated Server, DDOS Protection, NO Lag
    • No /fly perks, less OP Factions, no WorldEdit perks, less P2W, no exceeding faction sizes
    • Border Size TBD

    3. CurseCraft: Server Realms (Concept)
    Server Realms is an idea that will bring collaboration of 1.7/1.8 style PvP style servers in a competition unlike any other, competing against each other on server sponsored teams allowing players to represent their favorite servers.
    • Servers vs Servers
      • Separate entity hosts collaboration for Server Realm Wars.
      • E.g. CurseCraft vs Server vs Server Vs Server Vs Server
      • Each server agrees to put reasonable bid into pot, winning server takes all.
      • Server decides however they choose to elect lets say a 100 players.
      • Server is required to have 100+ Active players online minimum.
      • Server can’t choose players all from the same faction, in other words it has to be dispersed, randomized or selected from player submissions.
      • Server players have to be active on server for a set # of hours of gameplay to participate.
      • Any player unable to make event opens a spot for player in on-deck queue to be added to fill during countdown before event starts.

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