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Youtube Rank!
_OMGCookies_Owner posted 3 days 6 hours ago.
Hey guys! Go check the forums for the thread about the Youtuber rank!
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Changes this Reset
_OMGCookies_Owner posted 1 week 5 days ago.
Hey guys. These are the things that have been changed this reset!

+ PVP and factions area is in a new world

+ Vaults changed to sign based systems & global double-chest vault. One double chest for every type of donator FOR NOW.

+ Faction chat fixed - no weird symbols in the text

+ New spawn made by notux

+ kits changed

+ Added creeper plugin(replacement for /tnt for bosses)

+ Added a ClearChat plugin for moderators

+ /fireball removed (replaced with /creeper)

+ You can no longer make your own nether portals. You must use the one at spawn.

+ Portals at spawn to travel to Pvp, Nether and the End.

I hope you like the changes!
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_OMGCookies_Owner posted 1 week 6 days ago.
Hey everyone.

CurseCraft is under a server reset right now. There are a lot of things being changed and it's not a simple reset. There may be a few days downtime while we get everything sorted out and changed so that everything works 100% properly. We don't want any issues with the server when we reopen so we need time to do it slowly and not rush anything. We hope you guys understand and will support us. Sorry for the inconvenience! CurseCraft should be up on the weekend and I will make another news update with all of the things that have been changed. All of the staff will be working on this update to make sure it suits everyone well and that it is more enjoyable for all players.

This is a big reset and we hope it works out well!

Thanks guys.
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Server Update
_OMGCookies_Owner posted 2 months 3 weeks ago.
Hey guys.

Sorry for the downtime today. I spent hours getting the server transferred/upgraded to a new dedicated server box and sorting through files. The server was reset and some changes were implemented.

1.) The White Wool Castle spawn from 1.3 is back!

2.) New shop and donator shop

3.) The nerf for golden apples has been removed to see how pvp changes

4.) Our vault plugin is changed. Now you can access your vault by typing '/pv'!

5.) Legend jump is still buggy. There isn't anything i can do about that. I got in contact with a plugin developer and when he has time he will attempt to make a new version of it that works properly.

6.) Every kit has been redone. Money has been removed from each kit but more armor has been added to compensate. This will improve the economy and make money worth something.

7.) Worldborders are:
        Main world: 10,000x10,1000
        Nether: 1000x1000
        End: 1500x1500

8.) Farm/plant items are more valuable now so you all can make your giant farms and sell items for money now! 

9.) We will be looking for additional Helpers and Moderators

10.) I am thinking about removing the '/tnt' commands from the Boss rank and replacing them with '/fireball', extra creeper eggs in the kits as well as a few other commands that will compensate for this change. To all the Boss's , let me know what you think about this!

11.) The server is NOT shutting down. No matter who is saying that or where you heard that rumour from, don't believe it. Yes, kjweg12 quit and i will be running CurseCraft as the only owner. 

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OVs Resetting
kjweg12User posted 3 months ago.
Hello players,

Many of you have noticed that your OVs cleared. Basically what happened was the server crashed and would not come back online due to us using an old Spigot build. We had no choice but to update it and in doing so it somehow caused the OVs to reset. We had no idea this would happen and if it did we would've warned you guys. What's done is done, there is no going back now. We cannot refund you the items that were in your OVs unfortunately. I know many of you are upset about this. There is unfortunately another problem, on a restart OVs are able to be open for awhile (I don't know how long) but it will eventually break with the message "Vaults are Saving. Please wait to access" we are looking into getting this fixed as soon as possible. We, the staff of CurseCraft, sincerely apologize for this incident.
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x__GHOST__x x__GHOST__x Apr 22
ZeroCoolX we are fixing some bugs with /pv.
ZeroCoolX ZeroCoolX Apr 21
Something is wrong, Im a Legend and i can't access my vaults? I even logged in and out and quit minecraft. Please Fix This.
Killwaftan Killwaftan Apr 20
I Lost my donator rank and i had my homes but i could not accese my PV or my kit
wibi9876 wibi9876 Apr 20
i redeemt my self donator with votes bud i can't use /chest
intenze1 intenze1 Apr 17
i fucking brought 10$ donation it worked but then i shut down my minecraft and reopen and i was legend again !!!!! FIX PLZZ
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